Talented, sexy – and they come in a matching pair! Cape Town’s Locnville are the hottest new thing on the South African music scene. The 19 year old Chaplin twins, Brian and Andrew, have been making music since they could walk – and it shows.

The teens, from an American-South African family, have stormed the charts with the contagiously hypnotic Sun In My Pocket. They have an ear for memorable beats and catchy tunes along with deep-beyond-their-years voices. This tasty electro/hip-hop package is rounded off by cheeky good looks.

Locnville’s first album, Sun In My Pocket, is now out in stores. Ahead of their performance at gay night Babylon in Centurion later this month, Mambaonline got to know the boys a little better.

Is it true that you’re related to Charlie Chaplin?

Andrew: We are indeed! The relation is that our great grandfather and Charlie Chaplin’s father were brothers, so I suppose that makes us distant cousins or something along those lines!

How conscious are you of your image. Do you have a stylist or is it all you?

Brian: To some extent, we’re obliged to be conscious of our image, but I usually just wear whatever I feel like. There’s no stylist involved, we just do our own thing.

Andrew: When it comes to the look and production of our videos and photo shoots, we like to leave that up to whoever is handling it. Let the professionals do what they do!

How much do you think that your good looks play a part in your success?

Brian: I’m not sure, but I’d be naïve to think that it doesn’t play a factor at all.

So will you ever reveal where the name Locnville comes from?

Andrew: Haha! At some point we will.

Does each of you have a different role in the group? Does one write lyrics, the other the music?

Brian: It’s pretty much 50/50 – we bounce ideas between the music and lyrics. We usually start with the beat, get an idea and write over the music.

Are you guys really identical twins – and, if so, is… ermmm… everything identical?

Andrew: We are defined as identical twins, but if you’re asking what I think you’re asking, we haven’t checked recently!

Well, that’s unfortunate! How would we tell you apart if we met you?

Brian: I have a silver bracelet on my right wrist, and that’s probably the easiest way to tell us apart.

And what were your musical influences when growing up?

Andrew: Our early days were heavily influenced by rock. We got into hip hop and electro at a later stage. But pretty much everything has influenced our music in some way.

What have you been listing to lately?

Brian: Everything, but mainly a lot of dub step, electro, rock and hip hop.

We love your deep voices. At what age did that develop?

Andrew: Our voices actually broke quite a bit later than a lot of our friends, but when it happened, it happened big!

Tell us about it! You seem to be so sure of yourselves at such a young age. Have you always been confident that you would be a success?

Brian: We’ve both always been confident in ourselves and our music, but I don’t think we expected the success of our music to happen so quickly.

You guys are performing at Babylon at the end of the month, after appearing briefly at the launch. How do you feel about performing for a gay audience?

Andrew: We don’t feel weird about it. I don’t look at it like “the gay market”. We want to make music that caters to everybody. So regardless of what “market” is listening to our music, we’re just happy that there’re people who love it as much as we do!

Brian: I’m happy to cultivate any fan base. Our music is there for anyone who will listen to it.

Andrew: The little ‘teaser’ we did at the Babylon launch was first time I’ve ever been to a gay club. But it seems they really know how to party! The set up was amazing.

They say Cape Town is the gay capital of SA. In your experience, do you agree? Are Capetonians more accepting?

Brian: I’ve heard that. There definitely is a gay community in Cape Town, but I don’t know to what extent. It’d be a generalization to say Capetonians are more accepting, but I think that a lot more people are becoming open minded – which is a good thing.

We hope to see more shirtless performances and music videos please. Any chance of that?

Andrew: Haha! If it’s necessary for the piece, then yes!

Do you get a lot of girls (or guys) telling you that they have sexual fantasies about twins? How do you respond?

Brian: Yeah, we have had that happen a few times – I don’t have a planned response, I just handle it when the situation arrives.

You’re part American. For how long did you live there and how old were you?

Brian: We lived there for four years in total when we were two, and then when we were 11, so we’re mostly South African.

Andrew: We definitely consider ourselves South African, but are proud of the American background as well!

Do you think your music would have developed differently if you still lived in the US?

Brian: I’m sure it would’ve developed differently. The popular music is different, as is the culture, which is what determines your musical style.

You guys have been dressed by Stiaan Louw. What do you like about his clothes?

Andrew: He’s got a very alternative style to his work, which I like. I’ve also seen some of his more ‘commercial’ stuff and it’s fantastic!

Other than music, do you have any other interests?

Andrew: Of course! I’ve always been into the creative side of things. So if we weren’t doing music, I think we’d definitely be involved in some aspect of film. I’m really into acting and direction.

Are there any plans to release the CD internationally?

Brian: We’re planning to do an international hardcopy release sometime this year, as well as a digital release, so stay posted!

A gay guy comes on to you at bar. How do you respond?

Brian: I’d just tell him I’m straight.

Damn! So, what’s the worst thing about Cape Town?

Andrew: The wind, straight up!

What’s the best thing about Joburg?

Brian: The speed of everything.

Tell us one interesting fact about each other?

Andrew: Brian’s got a really good ear for production when it comes to percussion.

Brian: Andrew has an un-matched swagger.

Locnville will be performing at club Babylon in Centurion, located at South Lake Centre, corner Lenchen Street and South Road, on Saturday 27 March. Click here for more details.

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