The very tasty Chord Overstreet

Is this Glee’s new gay character?

Actor and singer Chord Overstreet (yes, apparently that’s his real name) has joined the cast of Glee as Sam Evans, a transfer student and star football player. He’s already charmed audiences with a singing shower scene and it’s rumoured that the 21-year-old is set to become the love interest for the character of Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). Vanity Fair tried to get the sexy young star to come clean about his character’s love life. “I actually don’t know that yet. As of what we’ve shot now, they haven’t revealed anything about my character in a relationship way. But I think we’ll find out soon enough,” he said coyly.

When asked how he would feel about getting a script confirming that he’s playing a gay love interest, he replied: “I signed on to do my job, so I need to do my job the best I can. I don’t know if I necessarily would take my work home with me! But if that was the case, I’m sure it would be fun. I mean, I’ve done a couple scenes with Chris so far, and he’s a talented guy, so I’m sure it would be a fun thing. Acting wise.” And on the subject of kissing a male co-star: “I’ve never kissed a guy before. But it’s acting. It’s kind of one of those things. Currently you have to kiss a bunch of strange people in the world of film and television.” We’d paid good money to see Chord kiss a bunch of strangers… male strangers, that is…

What happened to Lady Gaga’s meat dress?

Have you wondered what happened to the now-infamous headline-grabbing meat dress (disgusting, but genius!) worn by Lady Gaga at the recent MTV Video Music Awards? Well we did, and we’re happy to report that an answer has come to light. The beefy-frock’s designer, Franc Fernandez, has told E-Online that it will be preserved for posterity. “The dress will go through a process where it becomes a sort of ‘jerky’ and will be archived.” Jerky, for those that don’t know, is the American equivalent of biltong. Ewww…

Becks is a 7½ in bed…. Apparently

Poor David Beckham is having something of a crap year. Not only did his career go down the tube thanks to a nasty injury, but then he suffered the indignity of watching his team go home early at the World Cup, and now he’s at the centre of new infidelity rumours. A former call-girl called Irma has come forward with claims that she was paid by Becks for sex, at least five times, at a rather impressive fee of $10,000 a shot (oh dear).

In any case, the no-doubt charming Irma claims that David loves foreplay, is quite “gentle” in the sack, likes to masturbate with hotel lotion before getting down, and rated him at 7½ out of 10 as a lover. He also apparently told her that he’s unhappy with Posh’s bony body. Oh dear, that won’t go down well at home at all… For the record, David has denied the story.

Rob Lowe… Yum!

Rob Lowe’s still got it

Rob Lowe’s struck a blow for all the daddies out there. The 46 year old actor – who’s still on South African television screens in Brothers & Sisters – recently posed for the cover of Men’s Health in the US. And we have to admit that he’s still looking mighty fine. Enjoy him on the show while you can, by the way; he doesn’t stay on Brothers & Sisters forever…

Did Adam Lambert beat up a photographer?

Adam Lambert has been accused of beating up a photographer in Miami, Florida last week. According to reports, Adam was drinking cocktails with friends on the beach (complete with a straw hat, flip-flops and black painted toenails – eeww!!!), when he had enough of a persistent paparazzo who wouldn’t go away. He got into a scuffle with the man and now there are suggestions that he might face charges of battery.

Adam dismissed the incident, commenting: “Battery? Nope. I attempted to grab a camera, no punches were thrown and no one was on the ground… It was literally harmless.” He did, quite rightly, apologise for his choice of hat… “Lol please everyone forgive me for that hat. – I was attempting a disguise- clearly failed. Hahah,” he tweeted.

Shock! Tim Gunn not out to his mom

Surely everyone in the world knows that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn is a gay man? Well, there’s still one person that apparently is clueless. The 57-year-old’s mom! In an interview with, Tim revealed that he’s never sat down and talked about his sexuality with his mom: “I don’t know if she knows… But I asked myself, ‘What do I gain from this and what does she gain?’ I certainly never talked about being interested in women or men with her. I never implied I had any sexuality at all! Also my mother… on the one hand she is a Chatty Cathy and can talk a blue-streak, on the other hand, she is not comfortable discussing anything personal.”

Tim added that he’s been single for 28 years. “I really cherish having my private time and being alone and being able to decompress,” but said that if he did land up with someone, it would be “someone I know now”.

Ricky Martin in sweet pain…

Ricky Martin maintains his tattoo

Sexy Latino crooner Ricky Martin recently had some work done on his tattoo. He tweeted this pic, which we share with you…

J.Lo bars her ex from Idol

Jennifer Lopez, who’s been confirmed as a judge on the new season of American Idol under a cool $12 million contract, apparently got producers to bar her ex-husband Ojani Noa from auditioning for the show. Accrording to Radaronline, the Cuban chef intended to audition in front of her in California this week. “Jennifer got Fox to make sure that the screeners at the auditions would not let Ojani anywhere near the auditions,” a source told the gossip site.

“Fox made it clear that he was not welcome and that he could be arrested if he showed up so he backed-out at the last minute.” Jennifer and Ojani were married between 1997 and 1998 before getting divorced. Jennifer successfully sued Ojani after he tried to spill the beans about their relationship in a tell-all book. Isn’t it time they both moved on for Pete’s sake?

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