Trevor Donovan as the gay Teddy
Montgomery on 90210

There has been a “significant increase” in the number of LGBT characters on television in the US.

This according to the 15th annual “Where We Are On TV” study by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

The study is a review of scripted LGBT primetime characters in the 2010-2011 television season.

After more than doubling last year, the overall number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters on broadcast networks continued a steady rise said GLAAD, but it noted that broadcast networks still report no transgender or black LGBT characters.

The report shows that 23 LGBT characters will account for 3.9% of scripted series regulars in the 2010-2011 broadcast television schedule, up from 1.1% in 2007, 2.6% in 2008, and 3% in 2009.

The number of scripted LGBT series regulars found on mainstream pay TV networks has rebounded after a two year decline, from 40 in 2007, 32 in 2008, 25 in 2009, to 35 in the upcoming season.

GLAAD said that the vampire series True Blood is the most inclusive program currently on US television, featuring six regular and recurring LGBT characters.

“The increase in lesbian, gay, and bisexual characters on primetime television not only reflects the shift in American culture towards greater awareness and understanding of our community, but also a new industry standard that a growing number of creators and networks are adopting,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios.

“The recent critical and commercial success of shows like Modern Family and Glee clearly indicate that mainstream audiences embrace gay characters and want to see well-crafted stories about our lives.”

Broadcast drama television shows that had leading and/or supporting LGBT characters include: 90210, Brothers & Sisters, The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Law and Order: SVU, Outlaw, The Whole Truth and Bones.

Comedy series with leading and/or supporting LGBT characters on broadcast TV include: American Dad, Desperate Housewives, Happy Endings, Glee, Modern Family, The Office and Running Wilde.

On pay television, series that have leading and/or supporting LGBT characters include: Big Love , Caprica , GREEK , Hung , Nurse Jackie, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Stargate Universe, Torchwood, True Blood and United States of Tara.

“Unfortunately, while the number of characters is increasing, many members of our community still do not see stories reflecting their lives,” continued Barrios. “It is troubling that the broadcast networks will not feature even one black LGBT character or one transgender character in the upcoming primetime lineup.”

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