Lira, winner of the ‘Role Model of the Year’ award.

The second annual Feather Awards took place on Wednesday night in Joburg, honouring a gaggle of celebrities with gay-themed awards.

Hosted by funny-man Kenny Nkosi the event was held at Atlas Studios in Milpark. The Red Carpet was an event in its own right, with muscle-bound models, wearing hot-pink Speedos and not much else, ushering nominees into the venue.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by the award winning singer Lira and Madame Gigi, who belted out diva specials in her trademark cabaret style.

When it came to the awards themselves, businessman Theunis Crous was recognised as ‘Drama Queen of the Year’ for his relationship drama that dominated media headlines for most of the year. He was upstaged by his nemesis/obsession Khanyi Mbau, who ambushed his award acceptance by rushing the stage as his name was announced.

Fashion and trends guru Dion Chang was awarded the ‘Feather of the Year’ as “a gay individual who is a shining beacon and inspiration to the gay community”.

South Africa’s sweetheart, Lira, took the ‘Role Model of the Year’ award. Sexy model JC Ngandu scooped the ‘Hunk of the Year’ award and obliged with an impromptu strip-tease to demonstrate why, and Sashi Naidoo nabbed the ‘Hot Chick of the Year’ prize.

Joined-at-the hip duo Speedy and Stoan took home the award for ‘Best Couple’, for their ‘Bromance’, while Dineo Ranaka, in a unique bubble-wrap and tin foil creation won herself the coveted “Fag Hag of the Year” award.

“I can’t believe we’re actually in our second year” enthused Feather Awards creator Thami Kotlolo. “We have a lot to be grateful for. I’m so moved that people got it, and that the level of gay acceptance amongst South Africa’s most fabulous is so high.”

Once the awards were handed out, the crowd got down to the serious business of partying, running-up the bar tab and generally behaving scandalously – all in, a great night out.

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