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The notoriously homophobic Pastor Errol Naidoo, who heads up The Family Policy Institute (FPI), has launched a campaign against the City of Cape Town’s support of gay tourism and MCQP.

Naidoo wrote in a ‘Take Action Alert’ e-mail to his constituency and in letters to Cape Town’s newspapers that “the City of Cape Town is using rate-payers money to actively promote sexual perversion”.

He goes on to say that Cape Town Tourism (CTT) is “moonlighting as the marketing arm for the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) – an annual celebration of the homosexual lifestyle”.

“CTT has no mandate to market CT as a ‘leading homosexual city’. The majority of citizens do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle and are horrified the city is being hijacked by ‘gay’ activists,” Naidoo adds.

Ian McMahon, director of MCQP, confirmed that CTT is one of the event’s partners, supplying financial and marketing support to MCQP, which takes place at the Cape Town Stadium on 18 December.

He noted that an economic impact assessment had shown that in 2009 alone MCQP brought R26 million to the city. “They [CTT] are simply supporting one niche market, among many other niche tourism markets, such as wine tourism,” said McMahon.

Naidoo, who also condemned the city’s hosting of Sexpo, urged his followers to take action by writing to Cape Town’s Mayor, CTT and the Provincial MEC for Economic Development & Tourism to express their outrage.

“This demonic infiltration of sexual perversion must be stopped before it takes root in our city and nation. The Church of Christ is strategically positioned to oppose this evil. Please act today!”

In turn, Christina Engela from the South African Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (SA GLAAD), called on the LGBTI community and its friends to write to Naidoo at “in protest of his homophobic and discriminatory hogwash”.

“Please copy Cape Town Tourism ( in your email to show your support of the work that they are doing to market out city to various groups of people – straight and gay – across the world,” she added.

Naidoo’s Family Policy Institute is a Christian fundamentalist lobby group which is openly anti-gay and seeks to repeal same-sex marriage rights in South Africa.

Naidoo, who has said that he “hates gays”, has also organised campaigns against the annual Pink Loerie Festival in Knysna.

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