Lana Lawless

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) of the US has agreed to change its rules to allow trans golfers to play in its tournaments.

In October, Lana Lawless (57), who won the Women’s Long Drive Association Championship in 2008, sued the organisation after it altered its policy to state that players must be “female at birth”.

The organisation took the position that transgender golfers have an unfair physical advantage over players who were born women.

Now LPGA players have again changed the rules; voting at a year-end meeting at the LPGA Tour Championship to allow transgender golfers to once again take part in its events.

Lawless’ lawyer described the news as “a major civil rights victory,” telling The Associated Press: “We are pleased that the LPGA has voted to end this archaic and outdated policy.”

Lawless is a former male police officer who had gender reassignment surgery in 2005.

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