The former Rev David Gilmore

A gay priest has been fired after he tried to seduce a gay couple at his London church by plying them with wine.

The Rev David Gilmore, who was the rector of St Anne’s Anglican Church in Soho, was found guilty of “conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clerk in Holy Orders”.

He was accused trying to seduce two gay members of the armed forces who stayed overnight at the rectory following a conference on gay rights in 2009.

Gilmore is said to have engaged in “lurid” discussions about his sexual conquests with the unnamed couple over wine and invited them to his bed.

The men told an ecclesiastical tribunal that Gilmore claimed that they “were not the first people he had tried to sexually lure, that he had never had a sailor before but soldiers were fun, and that he offered B to come and sleep with him in his bed”.

When the couple refused his advances, he walked into their room naked during the night.

Gilmore has been barred from the ministry for two years and is receiving “pastoral and spiritual support” from the Diocese of London.

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