The Deputy Speaker of the Botswana National Assembly, Pono Moatlhodi, has defended his comments that gays are “demonic and evil”, originally reported by the Botswana Gazette on Wednesday.

The newspaper claimed that Moatlhodi said that if it was up to him he would have those “who practice homosexuality” killed.

Speaking last month at a meeting between the Botswana Network on Ethics Law and AIDS and the Parliamentary AIDS Committee on the issue of providing condoms to prisoners, he was quoted as saying:

“On this point I would agree with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe who once described that behaviour as that of western dogs; I don’t like those gay people and will never tolerate them. They are demonic and evil.

“When there are so many women in this country, why would anyone choose to have sex with another man? The Bible does not agree with such a thing and therefore it is evil; if we give prisoners condoms, are we now saying they are free?”

Speaking to the Associated Press this week, Moatlhodi affirmed his position and described homosexuality as “a culture away from our culture”.

Both female and male same-sex sexual acts are illegal in Botswana with penalties of up to seven years imprisonment.

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