Michael Anderson

A man in the US claims that he killed and mutilated his gay roommate after they went to gay club together because he over-dosed on cough medicine.

Michael Anderson (19) from North Carolina called 911 on Monday at 4.45 a.m. to report that he had shot 36-year-old Stephen Starr in their shared home.

“I did some things to his body that you don’t want them to see. You’re not going to know who it is,” he told the operator.

Police said that after allegedly shooting Starr three times while he slept, Anderson hacked the man’s torso with an axe and then carved and wrote words into the body.

Starr told 911 that he had earlier visited a gay club with Starr “to experiment” but that after they returned home he “turned straight again”.

“And he wanted to touch me and stuff and I wouldn’t let him, and he kept trying. And I waited until he went to sleep and then I shot him three times. And I mutilated him very badly and I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh God, please help me,” Starr was recorded as saying.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but the axe is inside his stomach,” he told the woman. He also said: “I Od’d on Mucinex DM. Dextromethorphan makes me feel a little weird and I took too many.”

Anderson was arrested and charged with Anderson’s murder and will next appear in court on the 9th of March.

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