David Kato (Pic: Jocelyn Edwards)

Behind the Mask reports that the trial of the man accused of killing Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato has been postponed.

Enoch Nsubuga, who reportedly confessed to murdering Kato in late January, appeared in court on Thursday last week.

The case was adjourned to March 3rd and Nsubuga – who already has a criminal record – will remain in custody. The proceedings were watched by around 40 people including Kato’s family, friends and other LGBT activists.

According to police, Nsubuga has claimed that he bludgeoned Kato to death with a hammer after Kato failed to provide him with promised financial and material rewards in return for sex.

Activists have questioned this explanation of Nsubuga’s motives. Kato reportedly received numerous death threats after his picture was published in a local newspaper identifying him as gay with a headline calling for gays to be hung.

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