OUT Well-being, the progressive non-profit organisation working towards ensuring the health and well-being of LGBT people has an opening for a dynamic and competent Pretoria-based professional nurse to manage a HIV/STI primary health care clinic.

OUT provides direct health and mental health services and programmes, conducts research and implements mainstreaming programmes.


  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the clinic;
  • Provide a range of primary health care services, including STI/HIV testing, drawing blood for pathology, general physical examinations, PAP smears, monitoring of ARV treatment, provision of PEP, treatment literacy, referral, and follow-ups;
  • Liaise with doctor-on-call;
  • Assist in mobile testing campaigns;
  • Maintain client files and compile monthly statistics;
  • Compile funder reports.


  • Good knowledge of, and extensive experience in, working in the STI/HIV/AIDS context;
  • Good knowledge of issues facing LGBT communities;
  • Diploma in primary health care – including physical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment (not Article 38A);
  • Certificate in HIV counselling and testing;
  • Proof of 2011 registration at the Nursing Council;
  • Proof of 2011 registration with the BHF (practice number);
  • Proof of indemnity;
  • Qualified to prescribe standard treatment according to the essential medications list (EDL);
  • Qualified to prescribe HIV post-exposure prophylaxis;
  • Strong abilities in the following domains:
    • Good writing skills;
    • Good command of English;
    • Be an analytical thinker;
    • Good interpersonal skills: ability to work as a leader or within a team, and to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds;
    • Good computer skills (e.g.: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook);
    • Be able to work under pressure and with a strong professional work ethic;
  • Ability to contribute to decision-making regarding programme development and execution;
  • Ability to systematically document developments and its impact;

Remuneration is Total Cost to Company. Applications, with three contactable references, should be faxed to 012-342-2700, or e-mailed to before 21 March 2011.

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