Kevin Keller, the first openly gay Archie character, is getting his own groundbreaking four part comic series in June.

The gay teen first joining the Riverdale gang in September last year in issue 202 of Veronica, with that issue selling out.

Due to public demand it then became the fist-ever issue to be reprinted in Archie Comics history.

The new Kevin Keller four-parter – simply named Kevin Keller – will explore the character’s life before his arrival in Riverdale, including his family’s acceptance of him coming out as gay.

“This is the most important book this company has released in 70 years,” Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater told the New York Post. He added that if the miniseries did well, the company might introduce an ongoing title for the character.

The first Archie comic was published in 1942 by Goldwater’s father.

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