A man-on-man smooch in Dragon Age 2

A gay computer gamer has started a petition to fire the writer behind the popular Dragon Age 2 game because it “stereotypes” gay characters by making them overly-sexual.

The recently released role-playing computer game and its predecessor have been lauded for allowing players to make their characters gay and take part in romantic gay scenes, but some are not so happy.

While there have been the expected complaints by offended straight players, an anonymous gay gamer – known as Oakland – has also come out against the game’s representation of gay characters.

He has started a petition to get BioWare senior writer David Gaider fired for “the worst stereotype homosexual characters in this game”.

Oakland explains that if a player, who has made his character gay, refuses the advances of other male characters in the game then he is penalised.

“This is completely wrong, homosexuals do not approach people and force them to kiss us, the person that wrote this game should be fired for stereotyping homosexuals in such a disrespectful way, as well as creating the worst writing in characters, plot and everything else in DA2.

“It felt very odd that my male companions kept making passes at me, when I never found any interest or even flirted with them. This sort of thing shows that gays are unable to be normal people and think nothing about sex,” he wrote online.

The petition has only received 247 supporters and the vast majorly of gay or bi gamers who commented on the petition dismissed the complaint and called for it to be taken down.

“If you make a better game with what you believe to be completely acceptable romance options for everybody then you can complain, until then please take this down as i think it sets a bad example for gay gamers,” wrote Jason McCartney920.

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