On trial: Julius Malema

An Afrikaans criminologist has told the South Gauteng High Court that he finds the spoof song ‘Kiss the Boer’ offensive because he is heterosexual, reports Eye Witness News.

Professor Chris Bezuidenhout, a witness for the Transvaal Agricultural Union and AfriForum, was testifying in the hate speech case against controversial ANC youth league President Julius Malema on Friday.

The case revolves around Malema’s singing of the anti-apartheid struggle song ’Shoot the Boer’. Malema has previously mocked the controversy around the song by singing a version in which he changed the words to “kiss the boer”.

While being grilled by Malema’s advocate Vincent Maleka, Bezuidenhout insisted that ‘Kiss the Boer’ remained a negative song.

“It is negative and kiss is negative. Do you understand me sir, I do not want to be kissed by another male. It is my culture,” said Bezuidenhout.

“That is fine and I respect that,” Maleka responded.

Malema is defending his right to sing ‘Shoot the Boer’, claiming that it is part of the country’s struggle heritage, while AfriForum contends that the song amounts to hate speech.

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