Kenneth Meshoe

In an astonishing display of political hypocrisy, the homophobic African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has said that it welcomes votes from gay people and prostitutes in Wednesday’s local government elections.

The party’s president Kenneth Meshoe told the Sunday Times that “…we don’t go around asking people what sexual orientation are you when it’s election time”.

He said that although the party was against homosexuality, “when we are given a mandate, we’ll have to serve even those homosexuals… because we won’t be asking (if) you are a Christian or not a Christian. We are going to treat everyone equally.”

When asked how he would convince a gay person to vote for his party, Meshoe replied: “I would say, ‘I love you as a person, but I disagree with (your sexual orientation). The fact that we disagree on this one point should not make you stop me from giving you good service (as a public representative).’”

The ACDP opposed the legalisation of same-sex marriage in South Africa, blocked a parliamentary motion to congratulate South Africa’s new Mr. Gay World, and has even welcomed anti-gay legislation in other countries.

Commenting on the Sunday Times article, openly-gay celebrity and trends analyst Dion Chang tweeted: “The ACDP (always vocally opposed to homosexuality) now ‘welcomes gay votes’. I say, piss off.”

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