Mr Gay UK 2006 Mark Carter

The rape and sexual assault trial of Mr. Gay UK 2006 and former police officer Mark Carter has begun in the Leeds Crown Court.

Carter is accused of having sexually assaulted three men and raping a fourth man twice at the Etap hotel in Leeds in December 2009.

According to persecutors, the incidents took place during a night out with colleagues celebrating Christmas, which began at a restaurant.

Carter, who has been suspended from his job, is alleged to have groped two men at the restaurant and then later allegedly groped a third when they relocated the party to a nearby bar.

Carter denies charges; says sex was consensual

Carter then went on to another bar where he met a fourth man who he invited to a hotel.

Prosecutors say that Carter dragged the fourth man into the room by his hair. When the man refused to give Carter oral sex the then-police officer allegedly punched him the face.

The complainant alleges that Carter then raped him, despite telling him to stop.

Carter has denied the claims; saying that the groping was done in jest and that the sex that took place at the hotel was consensual.

Carter, who has a degree in sports science, was also runner-up in the Mr. Gay Europe pageant in 2007.

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