Dan Choi

Former US lieutenant and activist Dan Choi has slammed President Obama’s failure to support same-sex marriage and angrily ripped up an Obama campaign flyer.

Choi, who was formally fired in July 2010 under the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ ban on gay military personnel, was speaking as part of a panel discussion, themed “What to Do When the President is Just Not that Into You”, when the incident happened.

The panel was approached by Obama campaign volunteer Nick Tschid, who handed out Obama campaign pamphlets, during the question-and-answer part of the discussion

Tschid told Choi, “I can’t say I’m for marriage equality, but as a bisexual man, I would take a bullet for both of you”.

“You say you’re not for marriage equality?” asked Choi, tearing apart one of the Obama flyers and throwing it back at Tschid.

“Did you not understand? I believe that I’m an equal citizen,” said Choi.

To which Tschida replied: “I understand that, but Obama hasn’t gone officially on record for it…”

“Then, don’t tell me that I’m a bad person,” said Choi, “go tell him that he should believe in my full equality and then report back.”

When Tschida returned to the audience he commented to those sitting near him: “That didn’t go well.”

Later, when asked by the

“Sometimes love comes in harsh forms. I love my detractors enough to let them know when they are misguided and I only regret that we are both suffering under a second-class citizenship imposed by politicians who smile pleasantly while denying our fight for justice.”

Choi was recently arrested in Moscow for taking part in a banned Pride parade. He is also facing charges in the US after he chained himself to the White House fence in protest against ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ last year.

Watch the Obama pamphlet incident below.

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