The trailer for Clint Eastwood’s film about J. Edgar Hoover, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer playing rumoured lovers, has been released.

The highly-anticipated film deals with the life of notorious FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (DiCaprio) and FBI associate director Clyde Tolson (Hammer), with whom Hoover had an intimate relationship for almost 50 years.

Commentators have expressed concerns that Eastwood would ‘de-gay’ the story but the film’s screenwriter, Milk’s Dustin Lance Black,

The trailer’s only nod to a possible gay relationship is in a scene in which we see the two men hold hands in a taxi.

Eastwood and DiCaprio recently came out in support of same-sex marriage while publicising the upcoming film.

J. Edgar also stars Naomi Watts and Judi Dench. It will be released in the US in November and is scheduled for a South African release in January.

Watch the trailer for J. Edgar below.

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