There are demands for Ecuador’s Minister of Health to immediately investigate and close down more than 200 ‘clinics’ which allegedly “torture” gay people in a bid to ‘cure’ them.

A petition has been launched on Change.org supporting efforts by Fundacion Causana and a coalition of other Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender groups to shut down the facilities.

According to the groups, the over 200 ‘ex- gay’ clinics “starve, abuse, and torture patients in an effort to make them straight”.

Last month, The Advocate and French magazine Tetu reported the story of Paola Ziritti, who at the age 24 was sent by her parents to one of the clinics in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

She claimed that she experienced “battering, sexual abuse, deprivation of all kinds, and constant [ridicule]”.

The petition says that “for three months [she] was shackled in handcuffs while guards threw water and urine on her”.

Ziritti was freed after two years and required months of psychological treatment to try to recover from the experience.

Complaints by Ziritti and two lesbian women who escaped from two other clinics led to the closure of 30 ‘gay-cure’ facilities, but activists claim that at least 207 remain active in Ecuador.

“The closure of the first clinics by the government is good, but not good enough. Why is the clinic where I suffered still open?” said Ziritti.

To support the petition to close down Ecuador’s ‘gay cure clinics’ click here.

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