Following the leaking of her version of White Christmas, the controversial superstar has released a four track holiday EP and even starred in her own Thanksgiving television special on Thursday.

The A Very Gaga Holiday music package is available online on iTunes and Amazon and includes White Christmas, Orange Colored Sky, and new stripped-down renditions of her songs You And I and Edge of Glory.

While singing the classic White Christmas, originally sung by Bing Crosby in 1954, Gaga adds a new verse that goes:

“I’m dreaming of a white snow man, with a carrot nose and charcoal eyes. Oh and when he cries, I’m gonna tell him it’s ok, because Santa’s on his sleigh, and he’s on his way.”

On Thursday night, the singer also starred in her very own 90 minute television Thanksgiving special, dubbed A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.

The show was seen by many as a bid for Gaga to enhance her mainstream appeal.

In it she performs eight songs, including a duet with Tony Bennett. She is also interviewed by journalist Katie Couric.

In the interview, Gaga insists that one thing she won’t talk about is her love life.

“My love is the only thing I don’t talk about and I’ll tell you why. The day I get married, I don’t care how many helicopters fly over that chapel. They’re not getting one photo. I won’t sell photos,” she says.

The star is also shown cooking fried turkey and waffles with a celebrity chef and making arts and crafts with children at her old catholic school.

Watch Gaga cook with chef Art Smith below.

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