London’s Daily Mail has asked if soccer superstar and sex symbol David Beckham has enhanced his package while shooting a new campaign for his underwear label.

Retailer H&M, which sells the David Beckham Bodywear line, released images of the 37-year-old celebrity on set with director (and Madonna ex-husband) Guy Ritchie.

The newspaper, intrigued by this globally important matter, pointed out that Beckham sported “a suspiciously full package as he runs around Beverly Hills” during the shoot for the advert.

It added: “Beckham’s green pants are suspiciously well-padded in the behind-the-scenes shot of the new H&M campaign – leading some to suspect he may have benefited from assistance from the props cupboard”.

On closer inspection of the image, it does indeed appear as if the sportsman’s crotch is unnaturally rounded and smooth.

The A-listers didn’t address this particular issue while promoting the campaign, choosing instead to gush over one another. 

“David makes the perfect leading man,” said Ritchie, while Beckham commented, “Working with Guy has been a fantastic experience”.

The advert debuts worldwide (although not in South Africa) on February 6.

What do you think? Could David Beckham’s crotch really be that perfectly shaped or did he get some help? And do we really care?

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