Duduzile Zozo is buried. Picture by Collen Mfazwe / Inkanyiso

Duduzile Zozo, the young lesbian woman murdered just outside of Johannesburg over two weeks ago, has been laid to rest.

The half naked body of the 26-year-old was found in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni on Sunday 30 June.

She had been raped with a toilet brush and murdered. It is thought that she was attacked for being openly lesbian.

Her tragic death made headlines and drew wide condemnation from government and political parties, including the ANC and the DA.

On Saturday, Duduzile was finally buried. This was made possible thanks to contributions from members of the community. 

Her family had been unable to pay for the funeral as Duduzile had been the only breadwinner in the household.

Around 500 people, including family, friends, members of the community, local government officials, political parties and LGBTI activists attended the ceremony at the Thokoza church hall.

They were unified in condemning Duduzile’s murder and celebrating her life. She was later buried at the Kromvleiplaas cemetery.

Last week, a memorial service for the young woman was disrupted by members of the ANC Women’s League, who were accused of using the event to promote the party.

Activists have suggested that the sudden interest by politicians in the murder of lesbian women, and in particular Duduzile’s killing, is little more than cheap politicking.

“I am frustrated by the excitement and hype around Duduzile’s funeral, it feels as if we are in a political rally, or maybe its because next year is the election,” Phindile Malaza from FEW told inkanyiso.org.

Police have still not identified any suspects and Duduzile’s murderer remains at large.

The inkanyiso.org blog has published a series of photographs documenting Duduzile’s funeral, which can be viewed here.

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