Benjamin Ndubuisi  appears to have been beaten in this photo

Benjamin Ndubuisi appears to have been beaten in this photo

A man said to be a pastor has been arrested in the Nigerian city of Aba for allegedly having sex with another man.

According to the Daily Vanguard, 40-year-old Benjamin Ndubuisi has been accused of having “unlawful carnal knowledge” of a 23-year-old man.

Ndubuisi was arrested after his alleged gay lover, named only as Ndukwe, confessed to the affair to his family. They in turn alerted the police.

The report claims that Ndubuisi hired the younger man as a worker at the church so as “to always have him around to satisfy his sexual urge”.

Ndubuisi is described as a pastor and as a “prophet in one of the white garment churches…”

Prosecutors claim that the incident in which Ndubuisi had “carnal knowledge of a man’s son through the anus” took place on July 28.

Ndubuisi was released on bail of around R 12,000 after pleading not guilty to the charge. He faces up to 14 years in jail if convicted.

The Nigerian media has reported on the case with considerable homophobia.

Current legislation punishes homosexual acts in Nigeria with up to 14 years’ imprisonment, or death by stoning in northern regions.

President Goodluck Jonathan has yet to sign a law passed in parliament in May that will jail anyone involved in same-sex marriage ceremonies (including the guests), anyone showing same-sex affection and anyone who does not turn in gay people to the authorities.

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