An August 9 Antwerp kiss-in (Pic: @Bouska)

An August 9 Antwerp kiss-in (Pic: @Bouska)

Pucker up Cape Town! It’s been announced that a kiss-in protest against Russia’s anti-gay law planned for Pretoria on Friday will now also be held in the Mother City.

Members of South Africa’s LGBTIAQ community have been urged to gather outside the Russian embassy in Pretoria and the consulate in Cape Town at lunchtime and kiss another member of the same sex.

Doing the same in Russia could result in arrest under that country’s recently enacted gay propaganda law.

The law effectively bars any public display of, or support for, homosexuality in public, on television, in print or on the internet.

The protests will be held in Pretoria at 316 Brooks Street in Menlo Park and in Cape Town at 8 Riebeek Street, in the city centre.

Both will take place from 12.30pm to 1.30pm on Friday 23 August.

The kiss-ins are being jointly hosted by Johannesburg Pride and Cape Town Pride.

“This gathering is intended to show kinship between us and our Russian brothers and sisters [who] have been degraded and dehumanised for being themselves,” said the organisers.

Similar kiss-in protests against Russia’s gay propaganda law have been recently staged outside Russian embassies in Antwerp and Tel Aviv.

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