James Mwape and Philip Mubiana have been in jail since May

James Mwape and Philip Mubiana have been in jail since May

Two men accused of homosexuality in Zambia continue to be jailed as their months-long trial is again delayed this week.

James Mwape and Philip Mubiana, both 22-years-old, are facing two counts each of committing offences “against the order of nature”.

They have already been in custody for five months while awaiting trial.

Last month the proceedings were delayed after medical witnesses failed to arrive and the trial was postponed to 16 September.

On Monday, the trial was once again unable to continue because Magistrate John Mbuzi was unavailable, apparently due to urgent family matters.

Amnesty International has demanded that Zambia drop the charges against the two men and release them from prison unconditionally.

Earlier reports said that Mubiana and Mwape were forced to undergo medical tests at Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital when they were arrested to “prove” that they had engaged in anal sex.

The trial is expected to resume next week. They face up to 14 years in prison if found guilty.

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