Scott Lively

Scott Lively

American evangelist Scott Lively says he’s proud to have been behind anti-gay movements in both Russia and Uganda.

Lively recently proclaimed Russian President Vladimir Putin “the defender of Christian civilization” for having enacted Russia’s internationally reviled ‘gay propaganda’ law.

The legislation is being blamed not only for stifling the LGBTI community’s right to free expression but also with provoking violence and other discrimination against gays and lesbians.

In an interview with NBC News, Lively admitted: “Yes, I think I influenced the Russian law.”

Lively heads up the Abiding Truth Ministries, a church opposing “the homosexual agenda,” and has travelled around the world promoting his hateful crusade against what he calls “a social cancer”.

NBC News reports that Lively sees gay people as “dangerous predators, even killers” who caught their gay “disorder” through a chain of abuse in which gays recruit children into sodomy.

In August, during a visit to Russia, he told Christians: “There is a war that is waging across the entire face of the globe. It’s been waging in the United States for decades, and it’s been waging in Europe for decades. It’s a war between Christians and homosexuals.”

Lively calls himself the “father” of Uganda’s anti-gay movement and has been blamed for engineering Uganda’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill during trips to that country.

He is currently facing charges in the USA of “crimes against humanity” because of his role in the oppression of gay people in Uganda.

In August, a federal judge ruled that the persecution of gay people is indeed a crime against humanity and a valid basis on which to sue Lively.

Lively, however, dismisses as “a leap” claims that his actions and words have led to violence and the death of gay people in the countries in which he’s peddled his anti-gay views.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, which is suing Lively for his role in Uganda, is also considering filing a second suit against him for his influence in promoting Russian homophobia.

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