Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

There are currently at least 12 LGBT people on trial or already in jail in Nigeria on charges of homosexuality.

This according to the Erasing 76 Crimes blog, following the recent arrest of two men, Emeka Eze, 35, and Jonathan Akatin, 22.

Local media reported that the men have been accused of “engaging in homosexuality” and appeared in court earlier this month.

Prosecutor Gokwat Ibrahim told an Upper Area Court: “The accused have been committing the offence in their compound publicly, which is against the order of nature. During police investigation, the suspects confessed to the crime.”

The men, who face up to 14 years in prison, reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges and begged the court for leniency.

It is unclear if they have yet been sentenced and, if so, what sentence they received.

Meanwhile, there have been calls to denounce and protest a tour by homophobic Nigerian Pastor Enoch Adeboye to Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific region nations in November.

Leo Igwe, founder of the Nigerian Humanist Movement, said that the pastor’s aim is to establish branches of his anti-gay Redeemed Christian Church of God in the region.

The church claims to have branches in over a hundred countries, including more than 14,000 in Nigeria.

Adeboye used his sermons and preaching to rally public support for the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill that was passed in May by lawmakers in Nigeria. Earlier this year he told a local Christian gathering that “Same sex marriage is anathema” and an “evil” that would lead to the end of human race.

“Due to the sermons of homophobic clerics like Pastor Adeboye, there is a growing trend of attacks and violence against homosexuals in Nigeria,” asserted Igwe.

“We need to use this opportunity to send a strong message to Pastor Adeboye and other gay bashing African clerics that their gospel of hatred and intolerance has no place in the Pacific Region and that their churches have no future in Australia, New Zealand etc,” he added.

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has yet to sign the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill that will jail anyone involved in same-sex marriage ceremonies (including the guests), anyone showing same-sex affection and anyone who does not turn in gay people to the authorities.

Current legislation punishes homosexual acts in Nigeria with up to 14 years’ imprisonment, or death by stoning in northern regions.

Last month, Nigeria’s Catholic Bishops slammed same-sex marriage as un-African, “unnatural, unwholesome, and contrary to the plan of God”.

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