Samuel Ganafa

Samuel Ganafa (Source: Facebook)

Uganda’s LGBT community is facing a possible new crackdown after a leading figure in the gay rights movement was arrested.

Facebook updates by activists revealed that Samuel Ganafa – executive director of Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and board chair of Sexual Minorities Uganda – was arrested on Tuesday.

According to Erasing 76 Crimes he was arrested after he was called to the Kasangati police station, about 14.5 km north of Kampala.

It is believed that two other individuals were arrested at his home, which police reportedly searched.

Police have not said on what charges he has been arrested. There are reports that a complainant is involved and that Ganafa may have been taken by the authorities to be tested for HIV.

Ganafa is also employed by a Ugandan telecommunications company and has often opened up his home to help members of the LGBT community.

One person on Facebook warned members of the community to stay away from the Kasangati police station “otherwise you risk being arrested”.

“The complainant is at the station and keeps pointing at people in the community when seen in the vicinity.

“A lot of information has been leaked to the police about the community. Please stand warned and stay secure.”

Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Uganda, with penalties including life imprisonment. The country’s pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill could add the death penalty as an additional punishment for repeat “offenders”.

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