Scott Lively

Scott Lively

One of America’s most notorious exporters of homophobic hate around the world has proclaimed that gay people are behind anti-gay violence in Russia.

Russia has seen a recent spike in violent assaults on gays and lesbians by neo-Nazi groups since the country adopted anti-gay legislation this year.

These attacks have included kidnapping young gay men and beating and humiliating them on camera.

American evangelist Scott Lively has now made the bizarre claim that these attacks are actually gay-on-gay incidents, in a radio interview with Mission America.

“Russia does have nationalists, these are Nazis, the same as I wrote in the book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality and the Nazi Party, that’s the same thing,” said Lively.

“The guys that are beating up gays in Russia—and it’s not any more prevalent than it ever has been really and it isn’t all that prevalent at all — but the ones that are doing it are butch homosexuals who are beating up effeminate homosexuals, the same thing that happened in Germany; this is gay-on-gay crime, at least that is what it appears to be.”

Lively claimed in his book that Hitler and other Nazi leaders were gay and their homosexuality led to World War II.

He is currently facing charges in the US of “crimes against humanity” because of his role in promoting the oppression of gay people in Uganda.

He is accused of participating in the formulation of anti-gay legislation and policies aimed at revoking the fundamental rights of LGBT people in Uganda.

In September, Lively said that he’s proud to have influenced anti-gay movements in both Russia and Uganda.

Lively heads up the Abiding Truth Ministries, a church opposing “the homosexual agenda”. He has travelled around the world promoting his hateful crusade against what he calls the “social cancer” of homosexuality.

Tragically, his crackpot theories are often accepted as legitimate by some political and religious leaders.

Lively, however, has dismissed as “a leap” claims that his actions and words have led to violence and the death of gay people in the countries in which he’s peddled his anti-gay views.

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