gay_lesbian_celebrities_mourn_nelson_mandelaThe Twittersphere was replete with words of sadness, mourning and celebration of an incredible life from people around the world at the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Local and international gay and lesbian celebrities and public figures also took to social media to express their feelings about the loss of Madiba.

South Africa

Radio broadcaster, writer and academic Eusebius Mckaiser: RIP Nelson Mandela

Singer Toya Delazy: A father to the fatherless, everyone’s favorite family member .. May you be at peace in union with everlasting love Madiba! I salute you ! X

Performer and national icon Evita Bezuidenhout: #ANC office in Heaven? Be on full alert! Someone is on his way to check the books! Geliefde Madiba RIP #Mandela

Choreographer and actor Somizi Mhlongo: God Loves SA that he gave us Madiba to free us. Madiba’s Passing will unite us all Black,White, Indian, Colored, Our Pain is1. When I thot I was ready for Tata Madiba’s Passing, I was wrong. My heart is broken beyond. Thank u tata. I LOVE u. Forever in r hearts. Viva

Singer and performer Nataniël: #strength #power #icon #free #legend #rip ‘inspired not one but all’ Nelson Mandela paved the way of greatness to this world. We will miss you!

Comedian Marc Lottering: Today was expected, and completely hard to accept. #RIPMadiba

Actor and singer Bruce J. Little: Madiba’s incredible legacy really makes me aware of how much of a downgrade our current leadership is. We owe it to him and this great nation to do better in who we choose to lead us.

Singer Melanie Lowe: It’s incredible to think we lived in the same time as a man of such greatness. I wonder if we all know how honoured we actually were. Madiba, we knew this day would come but selfishly, we wanted to hang on to your light for as long as possible because you made us feel like we could also be great. Your light hasn’t gone out and it never will because of who you were. It will continue to touch millions for years to come and we are so grateful to you for that. Even as we celebrate who you were, my heart still feels so sad today.

The rest of the world

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: Today we lost the world’s greatest advocate for peace and change. Nelson Mandela was a hero to so many. Rest in peace.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris: Nelson Mandela, rest in peace. What an unbelievable legacy…

Actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry: Oh no. Just heard. Madiba dead. One of the greatest ever to share the planet with us. #mandela

Tennis legends Martina Navratilova: RIP Nelson Mandela- a true hero to billions:)

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “Social equality is the only basis of human happiness.” -#NelsonMandela. RIP to a man I never met but have been immeasurably inspired by.

Singer Ricky Martin: There is a party in heaven. Angels are celebrating. The one and only #NelsonMandela has arrived. RIP

Actor John Barrowman: ‘Nelson Mandela a Man and a Hero the World will never forget. His legacy of Freedom and Peace will live on forever.’

Singer Adam Lambert: RIP Mandela

Actor Zachary Quinto: ‘May you find peace for the peace you brought the world.’

Actor Harvey Fierstein: Mandela – strong enough 2 b gentle, brave enough 2 stand alone, wise enough 2 let the world catch up with what he knew all along.#Mandela

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