nigerian_state_passes_new_law_jailing_gays_lesbians_24_yearsLocal lawmakers in the Nigerian state of Katsina have passed a new state law that will imprison convicted gays and lesbians for 14 years, reports The Daily Post.

Under the law, those found guilty of “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal” will be punished with a mandatory 14 years imprisonment and be fined N10,000 [about R700].

The Katsina State House of Assembly passed the legislation last week, apparently in response to reports of sexual harassment at tertiary institutions.

The law also states that “Any woman who employed means of satisfying her sexual desire through bodily contact with another woman or otherwise, with or without her consent, that woman shall be liable to 14 years imprisonment together with N10,000 fine.”

Those found guilty of “gross indecency upon another person” and sexual harassment will also face 14 years in jail.

Homosexual acts in Nigeria are already illegal with up to a maximum of 14 years’ imprisonment. The new law in Katsina, however, does not allow for anything less than the 14 years.

Twelve northern states in Nigeria have also enacted Shari’a law that allows homosexuality to be punished with death by stoning.

President Goodluck Jonathan has yet to sign the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill which was passed by the Nigerian Parliament in May.

The law will jail anyone involved in same-sex marriage ceremonies (including the guests), anyone showing same-sex affection and anyone who does not turn in gay people to the authorities.

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