straight_german_celebrities_gay_kissOver a dozen heterosexual male German celebrities have kissed each other in a campaign in support of LGBT equality.

Called “Gentlemen against homophobia,” the campaign was launched by GQ Germany, which recently published the beautiful photos of the lip-locking couples.

“Because intolerance is not a state of mind – and certainly not for gentlemen,” says the men’s magazine.

“What in one place on earth is normal, is a criminal offense in another and sometimes even a danger to one’s life. Like a kiss. Between two men.”

The featured celebrities are from various fields and include musician Herbert Grönemeyet, actors Ken Duken, Kostya Ullmann and August Diehl, members of German hip-hop group Fettes Brot, and beach volleyball Olympic champions Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann.

While some appear reticent, others seem to passionately embrace the task at hand.

“It was the first time I’ve kissed a man,” Reckermann told Spiegel Online about smooching fellow athlete Brink (above).

Both men said while they’d prefer to kiss their wives, they didn’t hesitate to join the campaign. “It’s a very, very, very important issue. We saw it as our duty to use our popularity as Olympic athletes.”

Brink added: “We wanted to make clear that there is no place for homophobic thoughts [in volleyball]. The sport is in the foreground, not the sexual orientation of individual athletes. And this must be normal.”

The couples were snapped by photographer Felix Krüger.

We wonder how many straight South African celebrities would show their support for LGBT equality in the same way. (We’re not holding our breath.)

Watch a behind the scenes video and check out the pictures below.

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