Trestin Meacham

Trestin Meacham

A man in Utah is refusing to eat until his state stops issuing same-sex marriage licenses

Trestin Meacham has been surviving on water and vitamins since the 21st of December, a day after a federal judge overturned the American state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“I will continue the fast until the State of Utah exercises its right of nullification,” said the 35-year-old Meacham on his blog.

He believes that the state, which is opposing the ruling, has the power to nullify the court’s decision, something which legal experts dispute.

Meacham explained that his hunger strike “has nothing to do with hatred of a group of people. I have friends and relatives who practice a homosexual lifestyle and I treat them with the same respect and kindness that I would anyone.

“This is about religious freedom, and an out of control federal government,” he added.

The 35-year-old is tweeting throughout his fast, making statements such as “People can say what they wish. I have no ill will toward any of them. I wish all of you well.” and “I miss Mexican food”.

Utah is appealing against the court ruling and is expected to spend millions in taxpayers’ money to hire external lawyers in its bid to reinstate the ban on gay marriage.

In 2005, more than 65% of the state’s citizens voted to define marriage as only being possible between a man and a woman.

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