south_africa_gripped_by_homoerotic_prison_video_waterkloof_fourA homoerotic video filmed in prison by two of the Waterkloof Four murderers has gripped South Africa and led to the recently released killers being re-arrested.

Reinach Tiedt, Gert van Schalkwyk, Christoff Becker, and Frikkie du Preez, who were convicted for beating, kicking and stabbing a homeless man to death in Pretoria in 2001 as teenagers, were released on parole last week after only serving half of their 12 year prison sentence.

Over the weekend, a video was posted on YouTube by Rapport which appears to show du Preez and Becker – who have clearly spent much of their prison sentence working out – partying in a prison cell; allegedly drinking, using a cellphone and listening to music.

Throughout the almost four minute video, a topless Becker is seen flexing, posing and dancing; flaunting off his muscled body as well as pulling down his shorts to expose the top of his underwear.

Du Preez sits on a toilet seat, laughs and comments: “It’s a nice weekend in jail here. We’re having a great time. We managed to get a bottle of something.” At one point he pouts for the camera.

Correctional services spokesperson Manelisi Wolela said in a statement: “Two of the Waterkloof Four allegedly responsible for smuggling alcohol and having a party inside the centre, have been re-arrested while an investigation is underway over the next 72 hours.

“The department takes very serious the allegations carried in the media about the smuggling of alcohol, having a party and covering the party with illegally possessed cameras or cellphones.”

Meanwhile, a conflicted South Africa remain enraptured by the deeply disturbing and yet oddly alluring video, which has been watched almost 25,000 times. Watch it below.

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