Roberto Arango

Roberto Arango, a former senator from Puerto Rico who voted in support of anti-gay laws, has finally come out as gay.

Arango was embroiled in a scandal three years ago when nude photos of him were discovered on the Grindr gay sex app.

He at first denied that he was the man in the images but later acknowledged that some were of him (he insisted at the time that they were just meant to show off his weight-loss).

In the wake of more explicit pictures coming to light, he resigned from the senate in August 2011.

During his time in the legislature, Arango supported conservative campaigns against same-sex civil unions, gay marriage and gay adoption in Puerto Rico. He even used anti-gay innuendoes in an effort to target another politician.

In May last year, in a surprise about-turn, he revealed he was in support of efforts to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

Last week, in a radio interview with Noti UNO, posted on YouTube, Arango confirmed that he is gay.

When asked by the interviewer if he is homosexual, he replied: “Yes. And on top of that I am a businessman. On top of that I am a father, I am a brother, I am a son. On top of that I like doing community work and volunteering. On top of that I like helping different communities. I like it and I am someone who likes to bring changes and progress and to give opportunities to those who want it.”

Arango also revealed that he only came to accept his sexuality after he resigned from the senate, explaining that this “was what led me to accept myself.”

Located in the Caribbean, the archipelago of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States.

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