lady_gaga_releases_epic_guy_videoLady Gaga has released an epic video for her new single G.U.Y. in a bid to reignite flagging sales of her ARTPOP album.

The daring almost eight minutes long clip was directed by Lady Gaga and boasts an astonishing mishmash of imagery; with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure.

There are angels and gods and troops of male models. There’s swimming pool choreography, the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and even a little fictional genetic engineering with DNA extracted from the likes of Jesus, Michael Jackson, John Lennon and Ghandi.

And of course, the lady herself is featured aplenty – looking stunning and often wearing very little indeed.

So big is the production that the video includes four additional minutes of credits at the end.

lady_gaga_releases_epic_guy_video_to_reignite_her_careerIn an interview with Access Hollywood, Gaga said: “The intention of the video was to create something that was a true sort of road map of my journey, being an artist, a pop singer, a creative person.”

She added: “It’s interesting because in this video… the fashion and the psychotic sort of whimsy is all happening around me and it’s me almost like Alice in Wonderland going through my own rabbit hole in my brain and re-experiencing the past year of my life.”

Shot at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, over six days, G.U.Y. is undoubtedly Gaga’s most ambitious video to date.

It’s been viewed almost eight millions times already but whether it will be enough to renew the 27-year-old star’s career and boost her record sales remains to be seen.

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