Larry King

Larry King

Legendary talk show host Larry King has said that it’s only a matter of time until the US has a gay president.

In a television interview on The Rubin Report, in which King was the guest, the 80-year-old radio and television icon said that anti-gay politicians were on the losing side of history.

“Gays are [a] civil rights issue, and what the people who’re opposed to it have to face is, it’s a losing war,” he told host Dave Rubin.

King also addressed the prospect of there one day being an openly gay president in the White House.

“Now we have a black president. Yes, we’ll have a gay president,” he said, “Yes, we’ll have a female president. Life is changing and the politicians will have to change along with it – or lose.”

At the height of his career, King was known as the “kingmaker” because his now cancelled CNN show was seen as a platform on which politicians and presidential contenders had to appear.

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