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Thousands marched in Kampala against homosexuality on Monday (Source: Spectrum Uganda / Facebook)

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has taken part in an appalling display of hate and ignorance in the country’s capital Kampala.

Thousands of Ugandans took to the streets today in a so-called “Uganda Pride Parade” to show their thanks for the president’s signature of the oppressive Anti-Homosexuality Bill in February.

The crowds, which included young schoolchildren and religious leaders, held up sign with messages like “Museveni, we the children thank you for saving our future” and “Obama, we want trade not homosexuality.”

AFP reported that some of the protesters sang a song called “bye-bye homosexuality.”

The event was given political weight with the participation of former Minister of Ethics & Integrity James Nsaba Buturo and President Museveni himself.

According to Spectrum Uganda, Buturo told the crowd that “the world can now look at Uganda for moral leadership.”

Museveni railed against Western nations who have threatened or initiated cuts in aid in response to the passage of the law, saying he refused to be swayed.


(Source: Spectrum Uganda / Facebook)

“I don’t like orders from anybody from outside Uganda,” he proclaimed.

Reuters reported that he also stated: “When you hear these Europeans saying they are going to cut aid … we don’t need aid in the first place. A country like Uganda is one of the richest on earth.”

He described homosexuality as “very unhealthy” to cheers from the crowd and further condemned oral sex, insisting that “the mouth is for eating, it’s not for that purpose.”

Museveni added that “promoters” of homosexuality are “criminals”.

Stanley Ntagali, the head of Uganda’s Anglican Church, also attended the rally, telling participants: “The Lord has the power to help us Ugandans to overcome the battle against homosexuality.”

One of the organisers of the event was  notoriously anti-gay Pastor Martin Ssempa, who campaigned in favour of the draconian legislation by claiming in public meetings that gay men eat each other’s faeces.

Earlier this month, a number of Christian leaders also took part in a “hate march” against gay people in West Budama, east Uganda.

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