Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Sorry girls, it appears you no longer have a chance with heartthrob Tom Daley.

The British diving star says that he now identifies as gay, not bisexual, as he originally stated when he came out in a YouTube video late last year.

In the December 2013 video, he revealed that he was dating a man but said that, “of course I still fancy girls…”

That appears to have changed. In an appearance on the show Celebrity Juice, Daley stated: “I am a gay man now.”

He explained that he chose to come out on YouTube because “I wanted to say what I wanted to say without anyone twisting it.”

He added: “I told my family before I told the world. I was terrified… I did not know what the reaction was going to be.”

The 19-year-athlete, who is dating Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, also addressed the subject of closeted Hollywood stars.

“We don’t all sit down and write down each other’s names – it is not like the AA. It should not really matter. Nobody should care. It is not what people like and don’t like, they should mind their own business,” he said.

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