Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, head of Uganda’s Anglican Church

Christian leaders in Uganda used their Easter messages this past weekend to sow further hatred against gays and lesbians.

The Daily Monitor reported that the Bishop of Mbale Diocese, the Rt Rev Patrick Gidudu, praised President Museveni for signing the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill earlier this year.

“His courage gives us hope against the forces of resistance. We know that this legislation will protect society and the youth from homosexuality which is abominable in Africa,” Bishop Gidudu said.

Rt Rev Augustine Salimo, the Bishop of Sebei, also reportedly urged the government to continue to protect the “values” of Ugandans in the fight against LGBTI equality.

Alarmingly,  the head of Uganda’s Anglican Church, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, spoke of death in connection to gays and lesbian in his Easter message.

“Like so many, I and the Church of Uganda are grateful to the President for signing into law the Anti-Homosexuality Act. We must assert our sovereignty and do what it takes to protect our children from being recruited into an immoral life and exploited by others,” he said.

Ntagali added: “I urge every Ugandan who supported this Bill [the Anti-Homosexuality Bill] to lay down greed; to lay down corruption. Put them to death, and let generosity rise up within you and flow out in abundance.”

It’s not entirely clear who or what he was calling to be put to death, but the ambiguity of his statement could be read by some as condoning the execution of gays and lesbians.

US-based activist Melanie Nathan reported that the Bishop of the Jinja Diocese of the Catholic Church, Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika, also attacked gays and lesbians in his Easter message.

He called for a blessing for Uganda’s Christians who worked so hard to “free the land of gays.”

Nathan said that “the bishop asked for parents to hand over their gay children to authorities, so they would be rewarded in heaven.”

According to Nathan, his statement amounts to “praising and calling for a genocide” of gay people.

Fearful of creating a schism between African congregations and their Western mother churches, neither the Church of England nor the Vatican have taken action against Christian leaders in Uganda who continue to fuel hatred and dangerous anti-gay hysteria.

Nathan asked if the onslaught against LGBTI people in Uganda will see the Pope “repeat the mistakes of the Catholic Church during the Hitler Holocaust.”

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