Gay torture doctor Aubrey Levin

Gay torture doctor Aubrey Levin

South Africa’s infamous gay torture doctor Aubrey Levin has finally started serving his five year sex abuse prison sentence.

Levin, 74, was handed the sentence in February after he was found guilty of sexually molesting three male patients in Canada.

Ironically, the disgraced doctor is best known for heading up a horrific apartheid-era South African military programme that aimed to “cure” gay soldiers.

The Calgary Herald reported that Levin turned himself in to the Calgary Remand Centre to begin serving his sentence on Friday.

Earlier, the Alberta Court of Appeal dismissed his attempts to appeal his conviction or to be awarded a new trial.

Levin’s lawyer, Chris Archer, told the newspaper that he was still considering the possibly of requesting leave to take the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The damaging evidence against Levin in the trial included graphic video footage that was secretly filmed by a patient showing Levin massaging the 38-year-old man’s genitals for 14 minutes.

Levin claimed that the fondling was actually a medical procedure to treat his patients’ erectile dysfunction.

During the 70s and 80s, Levin, dubbed “Dr. Shock”, oversaw a controversial military programme that attempted to change the sexual orientation of gay soldiers in the infamous Ward 22 at the Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital in Pretoria.

Levin is alleged to have used electric shock therapy, hormone treatment, chemical castration and “sex change” surgery to “cure” homosexual conscripts and left a number of traumatised victims in his wake.

In the 90s, Levin fled to Canada where he set up practice as a psychiatrist. He managed to avoid his past being made public in Canada by threatening anyone who tried to do so with lawsuits.

Levin’s wife, Erica, is also facing criminal charges of attempting to obstruct justice after she allegedly tried to bribe a juror in January with a cash-filled envelope during her husband’s trial.

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