Reverend Edward Mwai

Reverend Edward Mwai

A Kenyan religious leader has proclaimed that social media is to blame for turning people gay and into Satanists.

According to Kenya’s The Star, Reverend Edward Mwai laid the blame for so-called “increased cases of lesbianism and gayism” on the internet.

In a sermon at the Jesus Winner Ministry in Nairobi, Mwai said that chatting with strangers online lured people into “social ills.”

“This has broken many families and has been a platform to become gays, lesbians and devil worshippers,” he ranted.

Mwai called on parents to guard their children from the pitfalls of new technology, warned the youth against misusing the internet and railed against abortion.

The Jesus Winner Ministry describes itself as “an oasis of healing, restoration and transformation of the lost and hurting people of God, who for a long time have been under the yoke of curses, witchcraft, stagnation, ancestral spirits and other evils brought by Satan.”

Religious leaders in a number of African countries have championed efforts to further legislate against gay and lesbian people, promoting dangerous claims that gay people are predators of children, “convert” others to homosexuality and are mentally ill and immoral.

Same-sex consensual sex among adults is illegal in Kenya, with penalties of between five to 14 years imprisonment.

In March, majority parliamentary leader Aden Duale, who represents the Kenyan Government in Parliament, compared homosexuality to terrorism but rejected pressure to implement tougher laws against homosexuality.

A global survey released last year found that 90% of Kenyans believe that homosexuality should not be accepted by society.

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