nandos_australia_gay_tv_adWe’ve come across a humorous Nando’s Australian television ad featuring a clueless mother and her gay son that’s well worth watching.

The ad, produced last year by Banjo Advertising as part of the South African chicken chain’s ‘Eat Interesting’ campaign, sees a family having a meal at one of its restaurants.

The mother pesters her interior designer son about when he’ll be settling down with a “special girl,” refusing to acknowledge every indication that he’s actually gay.

With recipes based on traditional Portuguese peri-peri chicken, the first Nando’s branch opened in Johannesburg in 1987. The chain now has over 270 restaurants around the world.

In 1998, the company’s infamous South African “Tailgunner” ad was slated for its offensively stereotypical limp-wristed gay characters. The new Australian ad, while still hinting at stereotype, is a somewhat more enlightened take on the subject.

Watch the Australian Nando’s gay TV advert and the 1998 “Tailgunner” ad below.

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