Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014Men’s Health UK has declared football hottie Cristiano Ronaldo “the fittest man alive” in its September edition.

And excuse us as we drool into our coffee… The Portuguese soccer star and his stunning body feature on the magazine’s cover – looking every bit the perfect specimen of sporting prowess.

Inside, wearing his very own CR7 underwear brand for an extensive photo shoot, Ronaldo opens up about his fitness regime, explaining that’s it’s both a physical and mental process.

“To be the best you can be, you have to be focused. Training your mind is very important. Then distractions are no longer distractions. You can remain calm if you are confident. The harder you work and the more committed you are, the more confident you become,” he said.

The 29-year-old Real Madrid striker adds in a behind the scenes video that, “I don’t prepare my body for the photo shoot [or] to be beautiful. I do that for my job. For football. To be healthy, to be strong.”

Sure, but let’s not forget that his buff body also plays an off-field role in promoting those CR7 briefs; giving David Beckham a run for his money in the underwear mogul department.

In fact, Ronaldo just launched the brand’s second collection. He celebrated by having stunning images, taken by photographer Rankin, of him modelling his underwear projected onto buildings in seven cities: Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Milan, Lisbon and Madrid.

“The number seven has always been close to my heart, so I was honoured to unveil my new collection in seven cities around the globe,” he said.

Well, forget numbers! It’s Ronaldo who’s always been very close to our heart…

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