nandos_suspends_staff_member_over_anti_gay_rantA staff-member at a UK branch of Nando’s is in hot water after he posted an anti-gay rant on Facebook.

Last week, Steven McKee, employed at a Belfast outlet of the South African-based eatery, revealed that he was less than impressed that he’d have to deal with gay customers during the city’s Pride celebration.

“Raging I’ve got to work the day, shops gonna be packed with gay bastards wearing hot pants, despise these bastards,” he complained on his status update on Thursday.

Facebook users reported the comment on the Nando’s UK page as it also became clear that McKee had allegedly displayed homophobic behaviour towards Pride customers.

One woman, Tina Kelly, commented: “I’m disgusted at this guy’s attitude. I was actually in this place yesterday and served by him. I was in with my son who is 11 and actually wanted to come into town to see gay pride. Just shows that my son even at this young age is more mature than this idiot!”

On Monday, Nando’s responded that it had suspended McKee, whose Facebook profile stated clearly that he worked at the restaurant.

“We will not tolerate prejudice of any kind. Nando’s is for everyone,” said the company.

Nando’s opened its first branch in Johannesburg in 1987 and now has over 270 restaurants around the world.

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