irish_Armagayddon_gay_marriage_spoof_adAs Ireland prepares to vote on same-sex marriage, a group has created a brilliant ad that mocks the irrational fears of those who believe that legalising gay marriage will be “the end of the world.”

Titled Armagayddon, the almost 4 minute-long video was created for the advocacy group LGBT Noise.

Set in 2017, it depicts a straight couple who’ve barricaded themselves in their home to protect themselves from the onslaught of gay marriages, too much equality and the resulting ‘Armagayddon’.

Terrified, they recount what happened when gay marriages became a reality.

“We tried to blend in, but the weddings were unbelievable! I felt completely under-dressed and the cakes were amazing. It was at that point it became a question of survival,” they say.

While civil partnerships are already legal in Ireland, the country will be holding a referendum on legalising gay marriage in 2015.

Polls suggest that around 75 percent of the public are in favour of same-sex marriage rights, but debate on the issue is sure to heat up in the coming months.

Watch the amazing short film below.

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