mr_south_africa_2014_top_25_finalistsThe Mr South Africa 2014 contest, operating under the slogan “Men of Honour”, has announced its top 25 finalists for this year.

The finalists were selected after they completed challenges to test their leadership, planning and management skills, innovative thinking and creative problem solving capabilities.

For example, the men have participated in the #BringBackOurGirls campaign; held educational talks at various schools around the country; collected blankets for the underprivileged; created and raised funds for the organisations through online advertising opportunities; and have had to drive awareness, publicity and public support for themselves, to name but a few activities.

As each task or project was completed successfully, every candidate was scored according to their output and the desired outcomes. These scores were then added up and combined with the support each contestant received through their individual SMS voting lines.

“I am beyond proud of all that the Top 50 contestants have achieved to date, and they have made the task of cutting down to the Top 25 finalists extremely difficult,” explains Rudi Baker, CEO of Mr South Africa.

Mr South Africa has been running since 1982 and “strives to find the perfect aspirational man; balanced in health, intelligence, passion, drive, ambition and attractiveness.” The 2014 winner will be announced on 12 December.

Check out 23 of the 25 finalists below (two of the contestants hadn’t submitted their photos at the time of publishing), and tell us who your favourites are.

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