Matshidiso Botlhokwane – the mother of Pule Botlhokwane, the alleged rapist and murderer

The mother of the man arrested for the rape and murder of lesbian Disebo “Gift” Makau says her son admitted to her that he committed the crime.

Pule Botlhokwane, 24, has been charged with the recent horror attack in which Makau was raped and strangled to death with a wire and had a running hosepipe shoved down her throat. It’s suspected she was killed because of her sexual orientation.

Speaking to ENCA, Matshidiso Botlhokwane revealed that she believes that her son is the murderer. “He told me he did it,” she said.

“I feel awful. I am ashamed of what he did,” she added. “It’s a horrible thing.”

On Thursday, local LGBT activists and members of the community took to the streets of Ventersdorp to vent their anger at the killing. A memorandum was handed to a representative from the National Prosecuting Authority.


Protesters marched against the murder in Ventersdorp on Thursday (Pic:

A memorial service was also held later on Thursday for Makau, attended by her family, friends and activists. She was laid to rest on Saturday.

Some activists expressed their anger at political parties using these events to promote their parties. Many in the crowd at the protests and service were seen wearing ANC and SACP t-shirts.

“Again we still have ANC taking over as if this is a rally or some manifesto event,” wrote the Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW) on its Facebook page.

“LGBTI people and organisations were not acknowledged or given platform to talk, to share about the threat to our existence, [but] we ended up reclaiming our space and enforcing our existence.”

It’s been confirmed that Makau was 24-years-old when she was killed, not 18 as earlier reported.

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