Proudly lesbian: Miss Spain Patricia Yurena Rodriguez

Miss Spain has become the first national beauty pageant title holder to come out as lesbian.

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, who won the title in September last year, came out by posting a picture on Instagram of herself lying on a bed with her girlfriend, singer and DJ Vanessa Klein.

The 24-year old beauty captioned the image with the words: “Romeo and Juliet.” The photo has since been liked over 8,000 times.

She told La Nación that she didn’t intend for the post to be a coming out and had simply posted the picture “on impulse, not thinking that there would be a fuss.”

Rodriguez said that she had met Klein a year ago through mutual friends but only became romantically involved about six months ago. She revealed that she had initiated the romance.

Rodriguez also told the newspaper that she had come to terms with her sexuality around four years ago and that both families supported the relationship.

She added that, “Even a Miss can be [lesbian]. If I say lesbian girl, what do you think? The typical butch masculine traits. No, in love there is no gender.”

Rodriguez doesn’t only stand out for being open about her sexuality, but she’s also remarkable for having won the Miss Spain title twice, the first time in 2008.

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