family_throwing_son_out_caught_on_cameraA young gay American man has captured his family throwing him out and attacking him on camera in response to his coming out.

In the shocking YouTube video, the young man – identified as 20-year-old Daniel – is heard having a discussion with members of his family about his being gay.

A woman, presumed to his be his mother, rejects his arguments that he cannot change his sexuality and that being gay is not a choice.

“You have made a choice, independent of what you’ve told your daddy. You can deny it all you want to but I believe in the word of God. And God creates nobody that way. It is a path that you have chosen to choose,” she is heard saying.

His mother then tells him: “Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live and do what you want to. I will not let people believe that I condone what you do.”

Daniel responds: “OK, I will be out by Thursday night by midnight, how about that? And you’ll never, ever have to see me again.”

His mother replies: “If that’s the way you choose it, that’s fine,” to which he reacts: “No, that’s not what I’m choosing, I’m doing what you’re telling me. And you’re disowning me.”

The discussion escalates with what seems to be another woman becoming increasingly angry and then attacking Daniel. There is a scuffle and a man – thought to be his father – his heard shouting, “you’re a damn queer!” The young man is also called “a disgrace.”

According to Rythymknight, who posted the video on Reddit and apparently knows Daniel, the young man left his home and is now living with a friend until he can support himself.

“It’s been a really traumatic experience for him, and I feel so terrible and angry that this happened,” he said.

Watch the disturbing video below.

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